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Pun acest intreg perdaf aici ca sa il pot citi in liniste si sa il gasesc cand vreau. I was indulging in my love for puns and had on my person a piece of paper with variations of "To be is to do," "To do is to be," "Do be do be do," etc. Needless to say, Romanian airline officials in '73? And we knew pretty much everywhere we went was bugged. Tony, I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to this episode, if only to find out whether Romanians have yet discovered vegetables.

Trei sute si ceva de mesaje de la cititori despre o experienta intre oameni nemernici. When we were there veggies were pretty much an afterthought or not served at all in any restaurant.

Whould you be a good host for New Zealand, just because you speak (some) English? Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, he should do no reservations for the Russian tv. February 26, 2008 PM Dennis G said: Damn, sorry I missed it.

Any chance to see Bourdain miserable while I slog to work every day wishing I could travel and eat local food is a great time. Be honest, no matter how much hate mail you will undoubtedly receive.

Peace,~CGFebruary 26, 2008 PM artnlit said: Tony, Clearly those who hated or were offended by this episode are having a knee jerk reaction, either because they are Romanian or expect all of your adventures to be fun and exciting.

I think, if nothing else, we made that explicitly clear. Should I--when faced with a show that’s clearly going wrong--as far as depicting good times and good food--do my best to LIE about it? ) I don't think he ever got to have any outside of his home country. Furthermore,while I am glad Zamir got piss drunk on his birthday - it was horrible television. Around Christmas there are sooooo many dishes that you can enjoy, like salata de beuf, piftie, toba, caltabosh... I recall a friend of mine years ago telling me to read Kitchen Confedential and I plan to now.

In fact we eat them all the time - IN THE SUMMER, when they are in season.

Like most European countries, we only eat organic/locally grown veggies.

Am primit un mail care semnala articolul din Cotidianul. Nu am citit inca (la momentul in care adaug textul asta la mesajele mele) articolul dar am cititi peste 30 de mesaje de la cititori. Predictably, a lot of people either hated--or were deeply offended by--the Romania show. From your show it doesn't look as though that has changed much.

Most, I gather, are either Romanian or have traveled to Romania and had a better time there than I did. But the moment that made me cry was hearing the word "mititei" again. February 26, 2008 PM Harley Rose said: So I don't claim to know anything about the internet, but this is my attemp to get in contact with Anthony Bourdain.

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