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Shouldn’t my security questions have been presented in this scenario? I also have location history turned on, so it’s not just my own manually saved locations (some of which are ancient), but Yahoo’s automated location technology keeping track of me. A simple rule set could have been applied here where users are asked to validate identity if the login (even a successful one) is outside of a 500 mile radius of any prior location.

This obvious login anomaly didn’t set off any alarms? My locations puts me in three states: California, New York and Pennsylvania. Why is Yahoo making it this easy for spammers to hijack accounts? I still would have had to change my password (which wasn’t bad) but I would have avoided those embarrassing emails.

(neither of us has had Chinese good in 3 years since my DX).

From the moment I walked through the door, I felt comfortable that they understand the serious nature of celiac. Perhaps the careful food prep varies from location to location,(although I am not sure how because they have a definite protocol they follow. ) or perhaps some of you have other food intolerances?

How can the same process happen over and over again, and can’t nobody do nothing about it?

Sure enough at AM my account was accessed from Romania. In fact, Yahoo knows quite a bit about my location. Yahoo should have noted this anomaly and used my security questions to validate identity.

On a lark, I checked Yahoo’s ‘View your recent login activity’ link.

I remember ordering and giving my big celiac speech for the first time.

I remember having my first, and last, Red Bridge beer.

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