Dating career driven man

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I wouldn’t be picky about his career field of choice but at the rate it’s going I’ll never see him in a 6 o’clock loosened tie… I’m very much that young professional go getter with the high stress job, always moving to the next promotion.I’m busy all the time professionally and personally because I thrive on feeling accomplished.Strangely, this is one area in which I think men “get it” more. Which is why we’d rather watch football with only the guys, while you’d like us to come shoe shopping with you. And what things can you NOT get from anyone BUT your boyfriend? And with all the art and culture out in the world, I don’t need my spouse to be a creator as much as an appreciator. It’s fun to feel like the witty, urbane couple that can break bread with the prime minister if need be.Point is, it’s a failing proposition to expect one man to be all things to you. I’ve wrestled with that myself, because, like you, I get a rise out of ambition, philosophy, and creativity. But I can talk to my business coach about my business, I can talk to my best guy friend about philosophy, and I can experience my own creativity and others’ creativity in 1000 other forms. Just know that apart from the spark you feel around a sophisticate, it doesn’t have much inherent value.He is VERY persistent and continues to take me back into his life if I let him.We are compatible on many levels, but there is one thing that continues to turn me off (from ten years ago to now) and that is his lack of ambition to be successful professionally.In such circumstances, there are no decisions to be made. Which means the world is grey, not black and white.So before I get into talking about him, let’s talk about you.

A full day of freedom in my life does not revolve around TV, 90% of his would.You’re not a gold-digger for wanting a guy who is more ambitious. You’re not shallow for craving conversation that doesn’t revolve around pop culture.And you’re not wrong for wishing he were stronger, more creative, and more experienced professionally. 1) Are compatibility and kindness more important than worldliness and ambition? Which is why giving advice on such individual matters is somewhere between impossible and pointless. Someone told me recently that women expect men to fulfill ALL of their needs, which sets them up for failure.When the Kim Kardashian i Phone game presents an ultimatum, it's certainly a lowest-common-denominator struggle, familiar to all of us. And more women are starting to get onboard with putting their work lives on the top of that list. Career is one of the more convincing arguments to stay unpaired.Despite what I feel are some very obvious, indisputable reasons to choose the former, the conundrum remains: career or love? There are heaps of reasons why being single is absolutely wonderful. What if Jane Austen chose to accompany a boyfriend on an ill-advised vacation to Puerto Rico and completely ran out of time to write Pride and Prejudice?

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