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Disc brakes presented a major upgrade in every way, not the least of which was simple brute force stopping power.

While early disc brake performance was a long way from today’s high-power/modulation/adjustability stoppers, they enabled cyclists to harness the speeds afforded by suspension and unlocked new levels of fun for everyone.

While there have been many advancements, the following five benchmarks stand out as forcing us to wonder how we enjoyed riding bikes without them.

Suspension—While sprung forks were (kind of) figured out first, rudimentary rear wheel suspension soon followed.

Full suspension mountain bikes of all types are available with 27.5”, 27.5 and 29er wheels each with their own benefits.

There is no better place for bicycle advertisements whether it is an MTB, Road Bike, Folding, Tri, Cyclo Cross and Children's Bikes.

Simply chat and call the seller or local bike shop to buy.

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Downhill mountain bikes offer around 200mm of full suspension travel to tame the most challenging tracks on the planet.With both front and rear suspension, a full suspension mountain bike soaks up the bumps on the trail for a smoother ride over the rocks and roots.Lightweight full suspension XC bikes are ideal for cross country racing while full sus trail bikes, with around 150mm of suspension travel are perfect for trail centre loops.We’ve been all over the expo snapping pictures of all the cool new products and specially prepped pro bikes to share with our fans.First off we wanted to share with you the latest in 650B mountain bike tech from Santa Cruz and Intense.

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